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  Tzu-yu Liu (Delia)

Co-founder ​

“I’m a former junior high school English teacher who thoroughly enjoys teaching, and moved to Calgary Canada from Taiwan when I met my Taiwanese husband who lives here. Currently I've been teaching Mandarin to students aged from 4 - 60.To me, education is a journey of learning and sharing. I’m fond of eating and cooking different types of cuisine, traveling and meeting new people from different cultures. Entrepreneurship is definitely a chance I’d love to take on, to share what I love to do and to re-define myself.”

- Master degree in education;

- Over 10 years of language teaching experience in English and Mandarin.




- 英語教育碩士

- 超過十年英語及華語教學經驗



 Qian Lan (Megan)



“I moved to this Mapleland with my family in my early twenties, and I’ve worked different jobs trying to find my path. Life experiences have led me to different people from different places, and it helped me solidify my passion for life and drive for self improvement.  I’ve found myself wanting to create something of my own. Call it fate that I met Delia with whom I share the same passion for life, and it led to our creation of this company. As a mother, I've found passion working with children and have been working with children since I became a mom.”

- Certified Montessori Early Childhood Assistant;

- Currently working as a childcare educator.






- 蒙特梭利幼兒教育助理教師證照

- 目前從事幼兒教育工作



Shiou Chen ( Daphne) 

Mandarin curriculum PLANNER AND INSTRUCTOR

A two-kids-mom who would like to teach her children Mandarin. Because of her background of ESL teaching in Taiwan earlier than immigrating to Canada. She has been teaching Chinese to her children. Additionally, she worked very hard and then completed the TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) Certificate. She has a lot of passion for teaching and interacting with kids. She used to be part of a kid’s play theater as a performer and a staff member. She was also a nanny and home tutor since she was in her 20s. Her most achievement  is to have kids’ love and trust.

-Certificated TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) 

-Over ten years of teaching experiences 





- 移民加拿大前在台灣任教於幼兒園、補習班,教學經驗8年餘。

- 國立台灣師範大學華語文教師培訓班初進階課程結業證書。

- 二寶媽,歡迎理念相同的家長一起來和孩子樂學中文。



Serena ChAn  

Cantonese curriculum PLANNER AND INSTRUCTOR

I was a former senior secondary school teacher in Hong Kong. I’m passionate, perseverance and persistence in child education. I’ve started nurturing my children with picture books since they were 6 months old. My kids have read more than 500 books before they turned 4 years old. I believe that reading can stimulate one’s reading motivation and interest, so long as one falls in love with reading, learns to read, and gradually cultivates the self-motivation and ability of independent learning.


-Master degree in intercultural studies 

-Over ten years of teaching experiences 

-Certified Parenting in Montessori 

-Teacher assistant in Chinese School

-Founder of online parenting blog (CC Calgary)

-Family Reading Club coordinator













  Guest of instructor


“Life is short so I eat  while I’ve still got all my teeth. I love cooking Japanese foods with a bunch of friends!”




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