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We love to come to your institutes and share with you the educational fun of learning Asian cultures. Our theme-based presentation along with related fun activities gives you insightful understandings of different Asian festivals.


Here is what you can anticipate from our Chinese culture workshops:

  • Our team comes to your schools, companies, organizations etc.         

  • 1-1.5hr long theme-based presentation or classes of chosen topics, including the origins, history, traditions and hands-on experiences etc.           

  • Customized relevant activities included.


  • $300 per group +GST (Min. 15 people, max. 30 people)

  • Prices vary according to your needs, such all-day school visit for multiple classes of different grades, or school visits on a regular basis.

  • Deposit of non-refundable $50 per group is required a week prior to your booked date.

  • A service fee per group will be charged if the venue is further than 20 km of city centre.


Cancellation Policy:

  1. Cancellation made 3 days before your booked date, reschedule is acceptable within a month time.



  1. All details about the number of participants, activities and equipment/venue set-up to be confirmed 7 days prior to your hosting date.

  2. A confirmation phone call or letter will be emailed a week prior to your booked date. A failure to communicate back within 48 hours will be regarded as cancellation.

  3. A failure to pay deposit before required time will be regarded as cancellation.

Feel free to click here to leave us a message to arrange dates and details.

Festive Vibes

To give you insightful understandings of Chinese festivals

Workshops include:

  • 1-1.5 hour insightful presentation of the festival chosen

  • Fun custom hands-on activities

Our most popular festivals:

- Chinese New Year (Jan-Feb)

- Lantern Festival (Jan-Feb)

- Dragon Boat Festival (May-Jun)

- Mid-autumn Festival (Sept)

More upon inquiry

Culture Time Capsule

To take you on a trip to the real spirits of Chinese aesthetics in old times

Workshops include:

  • 1-1.5 hour insightful presentation of the particular topic chosen

  • Fun custom hands-on activities

Our most popular topics:

- Calligraphy

- Papercutting art

- Dough figurine art

- Blue-and-white porcelain

More upon inquiry

Classroom in Action

To give you a real-situated classroom where you can learn the language and the culture at the same time

Workshops include:

  • Prior language & culture session

  • 1hr real-situated experiential class at the venue of class chosen

Our most popular classrooms:

- Dim sum restaurants

- Bubble tea shops

More upon inquiry

Crowd and lion dancers in the celebration of the chinese New Year in Ho Chi Minh City, Vie
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