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True North Journey Education Services INC. was founded by two immigrant women, Delia and Megan, in 2020.


Language, Culture and Friendship” are the three beliefs that we uphold to make Calgary a home-away-from-home. Through a variety of fun cultural activities, we aim to build a bridge between cultures to help people to appreciate cultural differences and develop global perspectives and friendships. The primary reason why we started this company was to find a new identity by taking ownership of our lives and creating new friendships in this multicultural nation.


TNJ’s mission statement is “A journey of cultural understanding brings people together and helps everyone find a more developed self identity ”. Because that’s what we are all about!

「楓 遊學/ True North Journey Education Services INC.」由兩位旅居加拿大的華人女孩秉持著「語言x文化x友誼」三大理念,在2020年於加拿大卡加立Calgary成立的教育推廣工作室。此「遊學」不只是到異國求學,更是「環遊在學習樂趣之間」,「楓 遊學」希望在多元文化的楓葉國度搭起文化交流的橋樑,和大家一起探索各國文化的底蘊,結識來自四海八方的同好,為自己找到旅居生涯的歸屬感。

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